ANY BED BUT ONE's (2017)

CHAMBER     7:00


voice, violin, percussion

Any bed but one's was composed for the 2017 Voix Nouvelles Academy at Royaumont. It received its world premiere by Juliet Fraser (voice), Antoine Maisonhaute (violin), and Hélène Colombotti (percussion).

In her poem Drowned Man, Fiona Sampson paints two people, together, asleep. Their small movements – the turning (of the back), the crossing (of the legs), the throwing (of an arm) – are echoes of their worlds: connected and disparate. In any bed but one’s, the singer and violinist share an intimate space of listening, but never quite touch musically. Their worlds are echoes of words and phrases that linger, on the edge of comprehension.

Notre coup de cœur est pour la compositrice aux pieds nus Sivan Eldar et sa pièce Any bed but one’s pour soprano, violon et percussions dont émane une poétique du son et du silence, où, comme chez Sciarrino, chaque événement « palpite dans le vide »
— Michèle Tosi, ResMusica


Royaumont Abbey, Asnières-sur-Oise, France, 9 September, 2017.