Eldar & Kovbasnian: In Conversation (2018)


In Conversation was created for Ilan Volkov’s 2018 Tectonics Festival. It is an ongoing dialogue with Israeli dancer Yuli Kovbasnian using sounds developed during my 2018 residency at IRCAM in collaboration with Augustin Muller

The work is Inspired by the opening lines of Heave by Cordelia Lynn:

heave up
back break against
under surface
skin break against crumbling soft clay earth heaved my body breaking into light

spilled out I did
spilled out from tangles tentatively searching crumbling soft clay earth and silence
round obstructions stone and root
no obstructions to my slow and slower still inevitable growth


Tectonics Festival, Tmuna Theater, Tel Aviv, 14 December 2018.

ContComp Festival, University of Haifa, 21 May 2019.