compositions for leaves (2013)



dry leaves, ash, ink

Compositions for Leaves was created for the Composition Beyond Music workshop led by composer and sound artist Peter Ablinger. It was part of a group exhibit at the Minoriten Gallery in Graz, Austria during the 2013 Impuls Festival.

Compositions for Leaves, Ash, Ink was a follow-up work done in collaboration with artist Anna Adler. It was presented at the Listening Room of the 2013 Konfrontationen Festival in Nickelsdorf, Austria. 

Compositions for Leaves is part of a series of works that explore the choreographies and sounds of natural objects: dry leaves are set in motion and allowed to dance in duos, trios, quartets...
For the Konfrontationen Festival I was joined by artist Anna Adler to create an interpretation that is unique to the space and its surrounding environment. Adler's intervention includes two meditative gestures ("Ash Mounds" and "Ink Stain Score") that create a physical record of movement and memory in space.

Read more about the installation HERE.



Minoriten Gallery, Impuls Festival, Graz, Austria, 9-20 February 2013.



Listening Room, Konfrontationen Festival, Nickelsdorf, Austria, 18-21 July, 2013.