A Thousand Tongues (2014-15)




A Thousand Tongues (aka Mutable Music III) was commissioned by the EarShot Program for the Berkeley Symphony and premiered at the Berkeley Repertory Theater in May 2014. 

It was revised in 2015 for the Manifeste Festival in Paris and performed by the Radio France Philharmonic Orchestra at Maison de la Radio.

... I weave sounds in an out. I create combinations of indoor and outdoor, real and imaginary. In a sense, I am orchestrating a sound diary. A Thousand Tongues is a physical dream space where these sounds - these experiences - can co-exist.

Read the full interview with Jesse Hamlin in the SF Chronicle  HERE



Osher Studio, Berkeley Repertory Theater, Berkeley, CA, 24 May 2014.

Berkeley Symphony. Joana Carneiro, conductor.



Maison de la Radio, Festival Manifeste, Paris, France, 30 June, 2015.

Radio France Philharmonic Orchestra. Pierre-André Valade, conductor.